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Working from a penciled napkin idea to a working prototype, we create detailed, 3 dimensional drawings with high precision, ready for manufacturing, providing unparalleled levels of 3D Design and computer aided drafting services.

How 3D Drawings Increase Efficiency:

3 dimensional drawings allow for a richer interaction between the designer and the model, stimulating better design ideas through enriched visualization capabilities. 3D models give designers the freedom to explore conceptual and hypothetical design alterations. Manipulating a design on a virtual model is more cost effective as opposed to doing it post production.  3D drawings will not only enrich your design, but also reduce the likelihood of wasting time and money on a faulty product.

Once your product is created in a 3D cad drawing, a wide variety of 3rd party products can be utilized such as stress analysis, animation, conceptual rendering, CNC tool paths, for a more comprehensive analysis.


  Why Outsource?

 Modeling and design representation tools require an individual with a large library of knowledge relating to the tools and processes of the software. Companies can often have an entire division of technical individuals whose sole purpose is to model designs. By using a third party to efficiently and correctly represent the designs in both 2D and 3D allows the development team to focus on constraints and specifications

How We Do It Better:

The 3D CAD modeling platforms we support will link themselves to a three dimensional assembly and to a two dimensional drawing files, so once you make a change anywhere in the design process, all of the linked files will update automatically. This is a tremendous benefit in the reduction of failure rate for any design process. This unique feature also allows us to save our customers time and money.  By integrating the files, we eliminate the need to perform menial tasks making the overall design process more efficient

Fostering better design collaboration

As design teams get bigger more diverse and more geographically dispersed the ability to effectively collaborate on designs is now a critical component of successful product design. Solid models make collaboration easier because they are infinitely easier to interpret than 2D static drawings that represent the same design.

With hidden lines and mass properties automatically removed in solid modeling systems both engineers and laypeople can easily understand the design intent of a proposed design. This in turn greatly improves the ease and speed of obtaining design approvals because designs can be better communicated to management marketing clients and end users.Solid models also facilitate collaborative design practices by enabling 3D CAD data to be shared online so everyone involved can iterate on designs simultaneously.

The ubiquitous PDF file format takes this process one step further by enabling users to combine 2D and 3D CAD models with non-CAD data spreadsheets BOMs word files and share the files with any user worldwide who needs to weigh in on designs as they move through the design cycle.

PDF not only opens up access to millions of people it also enables recipients to inspect and interact with 3D CAD data. No matter where they are located members of the extended design team can offer feedback on designs early in the process when changes can be made quickly and less expensively.

Engineers simply convert CAD files to PDF files using the PDF conversion filters available for the major CAD applications and e-mail them to users worldwide. The recipients who could potentially include nearly 90 percent of Internet-connected computer users do not need to have any CAD authoring software. Instead they can simply open the file using free Reader software.

Once open recipients can further investigate the model provide feedback cross-section it save views mark up and redline the file take measurements add notes and much more.Authors of the PDF file containing 3D design data can synchronize the reviewers' comments into the original PDF document so they can keep track of all the feedback in one file.

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Use The Platform Of Your Choice

Whether you're a long time windows user or you die hard on Mac our engineers would love to support your platform so you can get a better idea by exchanging files easily and conveniently. There are no additional costs for changing platforms.

Hong Kong Video Services - Helping Entrepreneurs Produce Cost Effective Website Videos

Published on Dec 29 2013

For just HKD999 each hour of studio time or HKD999 for a fully produced video Video Cha Cha offers truly affordable website video content to start ups entrepreneurs and SMEs in Hong Kong.

(A community service of the Hong Kong Visa Centre -

Since 2011 at the Hong Kong Visa Centre we have produced hundreds of high quality useful videos and learned the art of making them to a very cost effective formula.

Indeed my co-founder and I have been able to build an entire business around a consistent video content development process.

And so can you.

The Video Cha Cha studio here in Wanchai is where we produce all our Visa Centre videos -- and fellow entrepreneurs are now welcome to use it to record and make your own.

For the novice video entrepreneur we have reduced the art of video production down to writing a script speaking to camera and choosing a template for your final produced video.

All for a cheap as chips price too.

For the more adventurous we have the resources to accommodate documentary training and round table or interview and group discussion productions (including live streaming to the web).

Our philosophy is to bring a truly affordable video service to Hong Kong's entrepreneurs and help you bring your propositions and your websites alive and assist in helping you thrive.

The Reason Why Turning Your Ideas Into Reality Is Easier Than You Think

CAD Drafting and Prototype ServicesThere are several risks involved when launching a new idea. There is a possibility that you overstated the target market and did not receive much response. The best way to deal with such risks is by spreading it. Take someone else in your project and divide the risk. In this way you do not lose everything. Take help of a company which has resources to carry out market research. In this way you will have exact information regarding the success of the idea with some future predictions and forecasts.

While coming up with the idea make sure that it is original. When you have the proper idea in your mind search online to see whether the idea exists already or not. If it already exists it is probably of very less use. If it exists try thinking more and make some modifications to make it unique again and then search again for duplicates. CAD Drafting and Prototype ServicesOnce you know that it is original find people or companies who would like to purchase your idea. Do not completely sell the idea and rather just give away a percentage of it by making some agreement. For instance if you have an amazing recipe that can change the food industry and revolutionize it give it away to some food chain by making an agreement which states that you get to keep a certain percentage of profits from its sales. Be creative in coming up with contract conditions but make sure that they are not too much. You should know the impact of your idea and demand accordingly.

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